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The Importance Of A Safe & Stable Home For Struggling Families

The well-being of a family is directly influenced by the degree of stability and security of the home they live in. Improper housing conditions can and will usually bring about issues in the daily existence of all household members. And when this occurs, it is their health that suffers most. If your teenage son or daughter is already suffering from a severe health condition, things could get even more problematic if our home is not safe and stable enough. Want to learn more the topic? We are going to try to explain the connection between affordable housing and improved health, and provide a few useful tips on how to make fast and cheap home improvements.

The Link Between Affordable Housing And Better HealthAffordable home improvement

  • According to recent studies and research, there seems to be a connection between affordable housing options and people who suffer from chronic diseases. They seem to do a better job at keeping their treatment regimens, and they also appear to be able to ask for medical care more often.

  • On the other hand, people carrying more financial burdens on their shoulders find it a lot more difficult to enjoy stable housing conditions and seek medical care. And this is caused by a number of reasons. Among them, we can mention the fact that housing continues to represent the biggest expense for most American households.

  • Plus, people with low incomes usually have to spend a big chunk of their money on mortgage. This means less money to cover food, utilities, home repairs, and health expenses.

  • Improper housing conditions usually translate to living in homes that are too small for people's needs. It becomes almost impossible to maintain healthy relationships and deal with stress at an individual level. And this can further lead to a number of health problems, such as high blood pressure or an exacerbation of already existing health conditions.

  • Stable housing on the other hand can help people receive the health care services they need. Healthcare providers can also follow up with their patients a lot faster and simpler, since they know where they live and how to get in touch with them.

How To Make Affordable Home Improvement

  • You can start by doing a find contractors near me search online. Whether you need an extra room around the house and you were thinking about transforming your garage into a new bedroom, or you need some bathroom or kitchen repairs done, you can find skilled and experienced handymen ready to help.

  • Services like Prosco specialize in the entire range of residential – as well as commercial – repair, improvement, and renovation work. You could be hiring carpenters, landscaping or locksmithing services, painters, electricians, general handymen, plumbers or roofing experts at good rates.

  • Take your time and figure out exactly what kind of home improvements and repairs your household needs at the moment. Ask for references from neighbors or friends who have recently had repair work done on their homes and see which handymen they recommend. Make sure they fit into your budget and see if you can get some discounts.

  • See if you can take on some DIY projects on your own – it should also help you save some money.