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It is our sincere desire that this  foundation to help other families cope with the needs of a loved one who has a terminal illness. 

There is a long road ahead, and we are just learning to crawl.  There will be ups and downs, and a great deal to learn. Our hope is that you will follow us, help us grow, and inspire others with the knowledge that they are not alone.  This page is a tribute to the life of one incredible women who inspired the lives of everyone she met to be the best they can be and enjoy every minute of life. 

Peggy Prescott raised three young men, Thaddeus (Tad), Jace and Dakota (Dak), who continue to show to others the love and inspiration their showed to them.  Peggy had cancer,  but she didn’t let it define her.  When she wasn’t talking about her boys, she talked about the positive things in life. She didn’t dwell on the negative, and with this attitude,  she inspired countless people. 

With Huddle Up For Life, we hope to continue to inspire others,  as she has inspired us.

With each donation of $25, we will gladly send you a Huddle Up For Life t-shirt. If you wish to donate less or prefer to not receive the t-shirt, we will respect your wish.