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My name is Phillip Ebarb and I am the Founder and Executive Director of Huddle Up For Life Foundation.  I want to share my family’s journey through illness and grief, and the strength that inspired me to create this foundation.

 My family, as so many others have, bore witness as terminal cancer struck down a loved one.  My sister,  Peggy Prescott,  battled valiantly, but eventually lost the fight. Peggy was a strong, single mom.  She did not ask for help and kept her battle with this to herself for as long as she could.  When she was put in the care of hospice and learned how little time she had left in this world, time with her sons became her only priority.  This small request was difficult to honor, because her youngest son, Dakota Prescott,  was the quarterback of the Mississippi State Bulldogs.  His time as a student athlete was consumed by games, travel, classes, studying, and practice.  Leaving school was never an option for Dak.  But even if it were, Peggy would never have allowed him to put his academic and athletic pursuits on hold.  To see him, she had to travel to Mississippi and away games on the weekend.  With the enormous financial expenditure that results from terminal illness, this made traveling to and from events an even heavier burden. 

 Due to NCAA compliance rules, schools are unable to provide assistance to families in this situation. Thankfully,  family and friends raised enough money to allow Peggy some precious time with Dak in her final months.  This time was invaluable to the entire family and made the little time she had left infinitely better.  But, during the process we faced other obstacles, such as the need for medical attendants at the games, protection from the weather, long lines at the stadiums and getting from parking lots to the stadiums, among others. 

I also discovered that there were many other families facing similar hardships.  And knowing how important time with family is when facing the end led me to my life’s goal – creating a foundation that provides terminally ill people the opportunity to be with their student athletes.  Our foundation, Huddle Up For Life, assists with expenses, travel, medical needs, and comfort.                                                          We want to bridge the gaps and to do that, we need your support.

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